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Beautiful game!

[Post New]by katy12250 on Jan 7, 09 7:43 PM
I love solitaire games, so I had to try this one. At first I thought "match game" and "not much fun", but it really is. I think the main things I love about this game are the beautiful cards and backgrounds. Even the music is pleasing, something not found in all games! I'm still working through the story line, which isn't bad at all. I'm sure that I would skip the story on future plays, but I think that the game would still be enjoyable. Just sitting and looking at the cards and the layouts is fun and relaxing.

If you like solitaire games and want something a little different, I would recommend this one.


Re:Beautiful game!

[Post New]by crohook on Aug 5, 09 9:27 AM

I too like solitaire games and was wondering if you ever tried Jewel Quest Solitaire? It is much different than Heartwild but I play it for a change. I am just starting Heartwild and really like it. I am new to doing this posting!! It is good to be able to read posts about the game and learn some stuff. I am a senior and don't think I catch on like you younger ones so appreciate the tips I get.


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Re:Beautiful game!

[Post New]by Aluchipan on Aug 27, 09 12:21 PM
I really like this game ... both the graphics and music. But for some reason my curser is shaking and the game is playing very slow on my laptop computer. Is anyone else having a problem.

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