the first hour hand for clock in church-cemetary

[Post New]by CELTIC77 on Sep 22, 11 3:29 PM
i too am very frustrated with the sg. i have gone through every page and no where does it mention where the first hour hand is only where the second one is. at this point i don't know if finding the hand will help me proceed further or not. i love these collectors editions but hate it when there are so many glitches that i spend more time getting it to run than playing it. thanks for any help.

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Re:the first hour hand for clock in church-cemetary

[Post New]by textrekkie on Sep 22, 11 3:36 PM
The first clock hand is in the church on the floor, where it also gives the time to set the clock. It is in the strategy guide.

The second one is obtained in a HOS that is triggered after you get the sword, sharpen it and use it. It is also in the SG.

Hope this helps.

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