Mac version- stuck in mines

[Post New]by FlyingTEagle on Sep 24, 11 1:12 AM
Hi all,

I initially tried to light all 4 torches with the dragon. That didn't work, even though that's what it says to do in strategy pages, too. Even the owls seems to think that's what I should do! lol. So, I cannot light the bottom two torches. I tried to pick up the matches and that didn't work. Is anyone else having this problem on the mac version? I am not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's a glitch in the software.



Re:Mac version- stuck in mines

[Post New]by rapiette on Sep 28, 11 1:38 AM
I'm stuck there too, can't light any lamps at all and I have a PC, so it's not just Mac version

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