quick play level 14

[Post New]by etattoolady on Sep 24, 11 4:14 AM
can any one help me please


Re:quick play level 14

[Post New]by tfrazier on Sep 24, 11 5:11 AM
Can you help with level 9?


Re:quick play level 14

[Post New]by Crayles on Oct 8, 11 12:40 AM
I got this with seconds to spare

Build a ranch and sell
buy 1000 material build a sawmill
buy 500 material and build a workshop
buy 5000 material
buy 4 workers
build 2 hotels
Keep buying material at 2500 or 5000 lots, and build another 3 hotels (total of 5) get efficiency and inspect as soon as possible, timing inspections between rent payments. Get a total of 18 workers. As soon as you have enough material demolish sawmill and put 2 lots up for sale. but dont sell them. When you have enough money buy the ranch back at " Pay Less" un list the lots and reforest all 3. Start demolishing hotels when you get over $850 000 reforesting as you go, as soon as you hit the money goal demolish your last hotel and your workshop and reforest.

Someone else may have a better way but I finnished at 6.54 minutes


Re:quick play level 14

[Post New]by aitchwilde on Oct 30, 11 6:17 AM
I followed the below, but I made sure that I put the ranch in the top middle spot, sold itthen built the sawmill & workshop either side. I sold the first hotel and built a further 5, bought the ranch back at low price (due to being next to the workshop etc), when the hotel when back on the market I put 2 of mine up for sale and then bought at low ball offer. Finished in just ove 6mins with time to spare

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Re:quick play level 14

[Post New]by DGA1961 on Nov 16, 11 5:01 PM
Crayles, it worked perfectly the first time, with lots of time to spare! THANKS!!


Re:quick play level 14

[Post New]by dogsrus on Nov 20, 12 7:07 AM
I have played it countless times following your plan but I NEVER get anywhere close to the blue ribbon. You must be really really fast because the best time I have is 7:05 Any suggestions???

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Re:quick play level 14

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Mar 5, 13 12:51 PM
tfrazier wrote:Can you help with level 9?
Probably, but certainly not in this thread, which is about Level 14!

Unfortunately, nobody else has yet posted about that level.

So if I get around to replaying it, I'll start a thread labeled "Quick Play (aka Expert Time, aka Speedy Blue Ribbon) Level 9" and tell you how I did it ... again.

At this point--I've just made Normal on level 30, and am trying to make Speedy, so 9 was a while ago!--I don't remember it as difficult. But I do often have to keep trying w/ the same or a modified strategy until I become efficient enough!

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