HELP HELP Midgard Level 11 Adventure Gold!! Please HELP!!

[Post New]by shaygp04 on Sep 24, 11 7:36 AM
I need help on level 11 Gold Adventure please help!! Send tips, hints, or whatever!!


Re:HELP HELP Midgard Level 11 Adventure Gold!! Please HELP!!

[Post New]by gill216 on Sep 25, 11 1:01 AM
Sell the dog and 3 yaks. Buy a bull & 1 wheat. Dont clear the debris from the sites- you dont need them at all.
Upgrade the warehouse once.
Dont forget to feed the yaks.
Capture the bears and train the 2 yaks.
Keep the boat moving from now on and sell decorated horns, yaks and the bits the bears drop.
Keep buying wheat for the bull + wood if you have the money.
Buy a second bull - you should have enough money just after the lone bear drops.
Upgrade the boat once.
Capture and sell the next fall of bears.
Keep selling as much as you can and sell the yaks once you have enough ore to complete 30 horns. Buy 2 more bulls as soon as you can.
Keep buying wheat and wood and selling horns.

Gold at 5.30.


Re:HELP HELP Midgard Level 11 Adventure Gold!! Please HELP!!

[Post New]by ksinibaldi01 on Oct 14, 11 7:03 PM
Anyone figure this one out???

The hints from gill216 were for standard not adventure mode

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Re:HELP HELP Midgard Level 11 Adventure Gold!! Please HELP!!

[Post New]by unclepaul on Oct 19, 11 11:10 PM
Midgard Level 11[u]

You start with 990 Gold 5 boars, 1 squirrel, 1 dog.
You have 7.20 to get 12 wood and 30 Jewelled Horns.
The wood can be bought using the vehicle and you can use 4 of these to upgrade the jewelled hornmaker to process 5 at a time , otherwise the wood just take up space and can be sold off. You don't really ned the wood maker (lower right) or the spear maker (lower left) or the foundry or sword maker.
The Boar harness shed can be a bonus for some quick gold and you get lots of predators - 5 at 59 sec and 6 at 2.29 so you can get 11 armoured boars worth 2200 gold when sold.

1. Upgrade the boat twice to red sails and the storage once and send the squirrel and dog to market. Spread hay to feed the boars.
2. When boat returns buy 2 cows and send the vehicle to get 2 wheat and a wood. That keeps the cows happy so they keep producing horns. Collect the ore products from the boars. Send the first 2 horns to the Jewell Horn maker .
3. When the predators arrive at 59 sec collect as mant helmets as you can and send some boars to the armoured boar harness hut to clear the field a bit. Send first two jewelled horns and as many predators to market .
4. Continue to send horns to be processed. Vehicle for more wheat and wood, Send Jewelled horns and remaining predators to market. Once you have about 15 ore you only need two armoured boar to maintain ore enough to get you to 30 Jewelled Horns (they are also easier to keep well fed) . So you can use spare 100 gold to buy and armour boars and send to market .
5. As you build up more gold you can upgrade the vehicle so it can carry more wood as well as a couple of wheat each trip.
By the time you get the second lot of predators at 2.29 you should already have about 6 Jewelled Horns, 2 cows , 2 armoured boars and already have purchased 4 wood.
6. Sending Jewelled horns first and adding predators to fill the ship should generate enough to get your third cow and soon after that you should have enough gold from the next 1 or two trips to upgrade the Jewelled Horn maker (not really necessary) and buy your 4 th Cow. Use up all your predator helmets to free space and get more armoured boars to send to market. When the total of your Jewelled Horns and ore carts makes more than 32 sell all your boars and complete your wood quota and Jewelled horn quota. I managed 5.22 but can still improve on that.

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