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[Post New]by perfamous on Sep 24, 11 5:17 PM
Please how do you get a yak and also cannot get gold on level 8 standard. Tips please. Are there any walkthroughs ? Any help will be appreciated.



[Post New]by scrubby13 on Sep 25, 11 10:38 PM
In order to buy the yak you need to have th amount shown below it, i think that its £10,000,once you have this amount the yak picture will become gold and then you can click on it to buy it. Unable to help wit level 8 as yet as i have only just started on the adventue levels and not played the standard as yet.

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[Post New]by unclepaul on Oct 25, 11 8:37 AM
Farm Frenzy Viking Heroes Standard Level 8

You start with 100 Gold and have 6.40 in time.
You need 16 sword, 10 steel and 1 wool. You can buy wood.

1. Buy a boar and as soon as it produces an ore send the ore to the foundry.
Spread hay near the lower part of the field as 3 predators arrive about 21 seconds.
Send the boar to clear the sign at left to keep it away from the predators while you cage them.
2. Keep the caps (for upgrading the boars) and send 2 bears to market on the boat.
3. That returns 160 so buy another boar and keep collecting product and sending to the foundry.

4. Send the other predator while you wait for the two boars to produce ore and then send the ore to the foundry.

5 When the boat returns you should have 140 gold. Send two steel to market to get another 100 and that gives total of 240.
Use 220 to build the Boar Harness Factory and you have 20 left to buy hay.
Upgrade both boars so they now produce 2 ore each.

6. Sell two more steel to get another boar and upgrade it so they are producing 6 ore per game cycle.

7. Sell two more steel and send the vehicle for for 1 wood. Keep the foundry working til the sum of steel + ore is more than 16 and sell the three armoured boars for a return of 600 gold.
8. When you have 16+ steel convert to the sword maker factory and upgrade it once and start making your 16 swords 2 at a time.

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[Post New]by patnsky on Oct 31, 11 2:25 AM
Thank you unclepaul I am on my 4th time playing FF:VH and level 8 is one of the hard ones for me... best I have been able to do is silver.

Thanks again


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