[Post New]by bonnelda2002 on Sep 24, 11 6:03 PM
I'm in the basement of the cabin and found the boyfriend. I clicked on what appeared to be the car keys towards the left side of the screen. Now the boyfriend wants to hand me the keys when I already have them. Plus, I can't back out of the screen. This is the 3rd time I've started this game and it seems there's always a glitch somewhere else. I'm really losing my patience with this game!!



[Post New]by Crashman on Oct 11, 11 8:15 PM
The same thing happened to me. If there's no way to back out of the screen at this point then I'm done with the game. No way am I restarting, I'm almost at the end so that's frustrating...



[Post New]by carmona_sexygirl on Mar 26, 14 9:06 AM
same thing is happening to me did you guys find out how to fix it?

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