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Carrie the Caregiver review/reviews

[Post New]by metmichallica on Sep 25, 11 5:34 AM
A good game with 50 levels that sometimes were hard but overall it was an easy game to beat. If you like time management like me this is a game for you. You take care if babies by feeding them or changing their diapers and burping them. It is your job to take care of many babies as possible.

At the end you adopt a baby.


Re:Carrie the Caregiver review/reviews

[Post New]by marieweaver132 on Apr 27, 12 2:43 AM
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Re:Carrie the Caregiver review/reviews

[Post New]by purpleporpoise on May 26, 12 6:00 PM
After not being able to get Diaper Dash to install, I tried this one and I like it. The babies are adorable and I'm not bothered at all by the "pooping" sounds when they soil their diapers. Maybe I'm just missing my grandkids too much, but the babies cooing and gurgling sounds are SOOOO cute!

I got the second in the series too (Carrie the Caregiver - Preschool). This is one TM game I'm enjoying without getting too stressed. The levels are not so difficult that I can't complete them. And I can play while listening to TV or radio (one of my preferences for any game I buy). Carrie is not quite as engaging as Flo (of the Dash series), but she's likeable. I don't quite get why they call her a "caregiver" instead of a nanny, but maybe the developers didn't like the sound of "Carrie the Nanny."

Not sure about the replay value, but for cuteness, it gets a big 10 from me. I'm probably in the minority on this and one of the few players here who will be buying number 3 in the series too, but what can I say - I just like the babies!

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