Level 50

[Post New]by janeb20002 on Sep 26, 11 4:13 PM
I have tried everything. How do you pass the expert level on thel 50 of cooking dah?


Re:Level 50

[Post New]by trophyjaeger on Jan 28, 13 12:14 AM
I'm experienced dash player and after several months I played this game all over again in 1-2 days. I had no problems getting expert in all levels 1-49, but it was especially tough to win this last level 50 in expert. So far my strategy was to just have one seat color each to get the 4x color bonus as often as possible. I ignored the 3x pre-colored seats in red and just used one. However, this just managed to pass me the goal and I was still far away from the 18.500 points required for expert. After trying a couple of times I needed to change my strategy and now tried to pay more attention to have always 4 people sitting at the same time to get more chain bonus. This was definitely the key. Also, I didn't keep the book worms until the end as I did before, I seated them sometime inbetween (4 at a time) and tried to keep impatient guests happy with the music box. This was necessary to shorten the line and get more colors in for better seating strategy. I also have now used 2x red seats and converted the remaining red seat into purple. By this I was able to seat more guests at a time, I payed attention to seat similar groups together to get most of the chain bonus. So the special thing what happened the last time I played it and passed expert level easily was the following: I suddenly had a blue-yellow guest pair coming in just before the end (but not the last customers) which I've never seen there before. It only came in because the game conditions were right. I don't know exactly what the trigger was for them to come in and when I played it before for like 10x they didn't. So the key was to get the customers seated quickly and make it possible for ALL guests to come in. You need these extra guests to get more money. I don't know if there were more "new" guests besides this couple, but the couple was really obvious. Now you know what to look for, the arrival of the yellow-blue girl couple. Good luck!

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