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Re:An Urgent Letter to Big Fish Games

[Post New]by NoFishToday on Oct 24, 14 12:45 PM
Makes me wonder why I continue to post, if it's just falling on deaf ears. After being kicked out of the game this morning, I shrugged it off and began again, completing 105 HOS, sending the airship twice, and feeding my pet 10 bags of food. For all of this, I did not receive even one unique stamp. No blue or green either. Only white. What does this tell me? That this game is being purposely tweaked with every update to the disadvantage of the player. Learn a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T for your players, and just maybe you will receive some in return. And maybe, just maybe you will find that players will pay to play a game that gives them some enjoyment. Until these issues are resolved, I have made my last bank purchase.

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Re:An Urgent Letter to Big Fish Games

[Post New]by tazruby2000 on Oct 24, 14 8:23 PM
I am wondering if these updates are tested before releasing them or did this turn into a beta game. There are so many issues, not just this update but the other 3.
What I noticed and it is very disappointing that the game was changed. Where is the game I remembered playing back when it came out?

1. Tournament scores don't show after tournament is over.
2. Invited friends disappear after exiting the game.
3. Slight / noticeable drop in pet food.
4. Drop rate for stamps has decreased since tournament feature was added.
5. Plain stamps are harder to get as some of the other stamps, this update.

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