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[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Apr 12, 13 9:03 PM
Past Its Prime, But Still Fun


First of all, you must take into account that this game was released in 2009 to appreciate just how good this game used to look. By current standards it’s pretty blah, but even on my large monitor it is still not rough enough to affect the game play.

I like all of this series because they deal with a fun concept. We are visiting a museum about a medieval kingdom when all of a sudden we are sucked into the portrait of the cursed prince, and are stranded in the House Of Stone until we can rescue the unfortunate victims and find our way back home. In each of the following games in the series we are caught up again in the kingdom’s dramas.

I’ve only been playing HOPAs for about 18 months, so I wasn’t around when they first became popular, but it seems to me that games of this vintage seem, harder than today’s. Hint button gives you hints, not instructions. Knowing where to go next can be a real mind bending exercise. I found myself using the walkthrough on more than one occasion just to get around.

Thankfully, the puzzles are for the most part fairly straightforward. I like that the HOS are of two varieties, lists and multiple items. Oh, and there is a misclick penalty.

The game also keeps track of time, and you can compare your scores. This time the game took me 2hrs 20mins, which is not long admittedly, but it was fun.

Not earth shattering stuff, but great to have the whole series, and not a bad way to spend a dull afternoon.

I recommend this game!

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