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Wow! No reviews?

[Post New]by ajuma on Sep 29, 11 3:16 AM
This is one of my all time favorite M3 games. I'd forgotten about it and came across it today...totally addicting!

Yes, it's timed...and while I hate timed games, this one (except for the higher levels) seems to give enough time per round.

It's a "line" type M3. The goal is to remove all of the coins from the field by matching whichever token is on top of it. You can go up, down, sideways and diagonally. Plus, if you match more than 4, your "pot of gold" fills up. Once it's full, you get double the points.

It has (if I remember correctly) 100 levels...more and more challenging as you go. The leprachan's (sp?) voice can get annoying but you can turn him off (which I do).

If you've never tried it, do!! Lots of fun!

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