Can't find the snake symbol

[Post New]by scanrdva911 on Sep 30, 11 12:32 AM
Help. I can't find the snake symbol that goes with the unicorn head on the crest. Can someone tell me where it is?

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Re:Can't find the snake symbol

[Post New]by DragonLadyOz on Sep 30, 11 12:48 AM
Hi there scanrdva911,
Welcome to the games forums.
You will collect the snake symbol in a H0 scene (if my memory serves me correctly). You need to backtrack a few places to where you have encountered H0 scenes before. The inbuilt SG will also assist with this.


Re:Can't find the snake symbol

[Post New]by jctelly on Oct 2, 11 5:16 PM
I had trouble to. But if you have the lock piece backtrack to the room with the safe and video monitors, and go into the safe, put the lock part on and it opens with the snake

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