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Expert level 5!

[Post New]by jackelfish on Oct 1, 11 3:28 PM
I build the sawmill and then the ranches, keep upgrading them add victorians, build garden center, landscape them and demolish the center. I can get one hotel and 6 ranches and 4 victorians, but can't get enough time for the last hotel, which goes on the demolished sawmill. Help?

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Re:Expert level 5!

[Post New]by cathy12 on Feb 3, 12 8:29 AM
i just completed this level with a time of 12.55 what i did was upgraded the two Victorians held out to buy up to nine workers built sawmill and garden center whilst building three ranches using the lowest priced cabins to build them on then bought the highest chalets to finish the ranches then i demolished the Victorians on premier lots for the hotels then bought two other chalets one for the Victorians and finished using the thicket in the middle to build the other two Victorians and finished by buying two parks and demolishing sawmill in 12 . 22 and a happiness rating of 101 points

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