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level 50

[Post New]by vero0655 on Oct 2, 11 8:53 AM
pls someone tell me how to pass this.


Re:level 50

[Post New]by Westwitch12 on Oct 2, 11 6:27 PM
This took me forever too!! But I changed a few things in my strategy and went from not being able to finish, to finishing in expert time in one attempt!
1. Use all available helpers when Carlos is there.
2. Buy EVERYTHING from the trader, sell sprinklers or 2nd barn if you have one for the cash.
3. Buy and use fertilizer on every patch of soil before you plant something. So important since it really refills the helper bars.
4. When you meet the goal for wool and cheese, sell all the cows, sheep, cheese maker, shearing shed, xtra water tubs---don't sell the hens unless you have met the egg goal as well as the bread and croissant. By selling the animals and equip, they are not in the way, you don't have to feed and water them, more cash for trader, etc.
5. Don't be afraid to click into move mode and rearrange the patches of dirt/crops. Put the ones ready closer to Carlos--if you have at least one sprinkler, move the ones that need water around it so you don't have to waste game time watering.
6. Use that extra space from all the animals and machines you'v deleted to plant (don't forget to fertilize) more stuff, whatever you still have seeds for. Your helpers can't harvest what's not there. Good luck!!

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Re:level 50

[Post New]by mirror75 on Oct 10, 11 10:39 AM
I think I'm on my millionth try now. The closest I've come is everything but 800 worth of Carlos' food. I try to get all the animal products first and then remove all animal related items except what is needed. I'm not running out of money anymore but just cant fulfill Carlos stuff.

I'm having a hard time keeping all the plots fertilized. seems like it takes so much time. How long do they stay fertilized? And with them running dry and needing replaced all the time its also hard to keep up with.

Ergh, will keep trying.

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Re:level 50

[Post New]by psantoso on Oct 11, 11 7:57 PM
I used 8 cows, 8 sheep. 2 croissant machine, 2 cheese machine, 3 chicken coops and 3 sheep shacks. Restock everything on 49 and on free day. I bought all goodies from trader also. I take out all melon, spinach, and beet, filled them with tomatoes and peppers, they grow faster. I make 4 rows if grape also. Any produce meet the goals, i change to tomatoes and peppers. Make juice, hot sauce and pickle cause is faster also. If you keep up picking plant, the more faster you got helper, use the when carlos arround. And while their filling up order for carlos, use your time to pick up animal stuff. If they leave, started picking up plant again. I ignore all the dry and dead plant as long as i can. I move arround my sprinkles so i don't need water them, i have like 4. Sell the stuff after you meet the goal including the animal.
This level seem more easy making stuff than filled up carlos order cause he came in the middle of the game. The faster you finish 1 goal, the faster carlos move to the front, so focus on 3/4 goals to be finished, the faster you see him, the faster you could filled up carlos. I tried couple times too, i saved the helper that does everything to be the last one, when all the order about finish, cause i tried bring him back but seem i could only get to use him 1 time, so he will can focus also to make some stuff that left over. Don't give up.


Re:level 50

[Post New]by laghostgirl on Oct 24, 11 6:16 AM
WOW!! I have tried at least what seems a million times and have made it to 500 for Carlos. Thanks everyone for the tips. I'm going to try them all

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Re:level 50

[Post New]by Pippin1978 on Nov 15, 11 9:27 AM
Another good tip for the whole game really, is to put your barn in the CENTER. I got that from someone in the first My Farm Life. Build your crops around the barn, and then you have plenty of room for crops and your machines. You're not racing to the CORNERS. This REALLY REALLY helps, and you only need the one barn.

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Re:level 50

[Post New]by Shane19 on Dec 2, 11 8:33 PM
Took me a couple tries, but I figured out the secret. Because it really doesn't matter what your farm looks like when you finish, this is one of the easiest levels to score expert on. Once you're done with all the products and just have Carlos' order left, sell all your other crops for about the 30 or 40 plants next to him, and plant all flowers. These grow super fast, and you don't have to waste time or money on fertilizer.


Re:level 50

[Post New]by PigmyFluff on Dec 4, 11 1:39 PM
Shane 19 is right ù_ù
planting almost only flowers helps a lot;
also I only used the best helper (so I didn't waste my rating on the others two ) and used all the money earned selling everything I could sell to buy as many sprinklers as I could so my helper wouldn't stop serving Carlos to water the plants... all this after I completed all the others orders, of course...

btw, I hate Carlos and his blasted endless orders! >_<

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Re:level 50

[Post New]by javawoman2 on Dec 31, 11 7:14 AM
Was so close and the game froze!!!! ugh.


Re:level 50

[Post New]by eiceicei on Feb 14, 12 8:14 PM
It took me a few tries finally manage to get expert.
I normally stocked out all machines before the level ends, but somehow I started my 50 not so fully stocked.

First thing I did, call the expert helper.
Don't waste beginner helper (first one) in the beginning. Collect all the machine products that you already have, and filled out the machines to do the necessary products like bread, crossant, pickles, cheese, juice, sauce.

When the trader comes, buy everything (except bee hive, because it's very fast to produce). Even if you have a lot of patches of grapes, buy it provided you have the money.
Don't miss the trader, buy everything he has.

Everytime you finished with a machines, sell them. Everytime you finish filling order that need certain animal, sell them.
You can use the cash for trader and the space for new plants.
Stock up a lot of soil and tomato (or flower, both grows fast), don't worry about buying sprinkler.
Put many soil patches at one go, you can do a lot of this, as similar multiple action will fill the ratings very fast so you can call your helper again.
Plant the new soil patches and those empty one at one go, again, it fills the ratings.

When Carlos comes, call whatever helpers you have available, even all of them together.

That will do the trick. Hope it helps.


Re:level 50

[Post New]by simlpyme8000 on Mar 6, 12 8:43 AM
I have pass the level and now working on trying to get expert. I go back to level 49 and then use my free day . I notice this morning that when I pause my game before calos come in my $1000 .00 that I put for carlos on my free day is gone . has any one else notice this .

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Re:level 50

[Post New]by Wolverine257 on Jun 5, 14 6:04 AM
It really helps to have at least 12 (20 is better!) tomatoes and flowers right around the entrance to fill Carlos up quickly.

Then put the barn, crates, buckets and water pump under the stairs in the center. By 50 you should pretty much have sprinklers on everything (except clover) so you don't have to water anymore.

AND put all your machines in the center as well, with their related crops radiating out from them to the edges -- you can fit more in that way since it's easier to manipulate a 1x1 square crop/seed/soil than a 3x3 squares machine.

Tomatoes are used for Juice, Hot Sauce, and Pickles so plant 20 of them (5 groups of 4 with sprinklers).

Peppers are used for Hot Sauce and Pickles so plant 12 of them.

Wheat is used for Bread and Croissants so plant 12 of them.

Jam is used for Croissants so plant 12 Raspberries and have at least 3 upgraded Hives.

Goats regenerate really fast, so I've never needed more than 1 Shearing Shed with 4 Goats... if the Shed is fully stocked and all the Goats are in wool, that's 8 right there.

2 Chicken Coops with 8 Hens, and at least 6 Cows (sold/replaced fresh at the beginning of the level after milking, so they actually continue to produce milk!)

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