Your mistake or mine?

[Post New]by txscwgrl66 on Oct 2, 11 9:50 AM
In the fisherman's cottage, I have used the anti-rust liquid to open cabinet to retrieve sycle to chop grass and found a hammer, this is why I checked the strategy guide and found it was suppose to be a sycle. I even went so far as to try to cut the grass with said hammer! LOL Silly I know but come on! I can't finish the game til I get the spade in the grass to dig up the worm! Any suggestions? Hate to ask for a refund but it is a CE and therefore should be able to finish it!


Re:Your mistake or mine?

[Post New]by Cassie99 on Oct 2, 11 4:56 PM
I'm also having an issue - I have the Rust Inhibitor Liquid but the cabinet is ALREADY open and I can't find the scythe anywhere to be able to cut the grass and get the spade.

Very frustrating to be stuck on a game that should have been de-bugged before being launched.


Re:Your mistake or mine?

[Post New]by RainbowExplorer on Oct 4, 11 11:55 PM
Unfortunately, these both sound like some of the many other "technical glitches" that all sorts of other players are running into. It's important that you post these "bugs" on the "Technical Problems" thread AND report them to the BFG Customer Service staff, via either the "Live Chat" or the Green Envelope method. Until they are aware of just how many of us are having MAJOR technical problems with this game, nothing will be fixed/repaired. That's how the "system" works around here, but I can't promise you won't be frustrated going through it. Sorry about that!


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Re:Your mistake or mine?

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Oct 5, 11 1:39 AM
Hi fishies!

We're aware of issues with certain items missing or objects being unresponsive when picked up and we’re currently trying to gather as much information as we can about the types of systems that are being affected by this.

If you could please run a Dr. Felix report and then send that over to our Tech Support team, that would really help us out as we continue looking into this.

Since we already have a thread in this Game Forum dedicated to technical issues, I'll be locking this one to keep things tidy in here, but please feel free to re-post your issue HERE.

Thank you all for your patience, and if there are any updates on this issue, we'll be sure to let you know.



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