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SPOILER: Info about the major bug -- game will be unfinishable if not heeded!

[Post New]by divegal on Oct 2, 11 3:13 PM
I started another thread but gave no specific information about this major flaw that ruined six hours of gameplay for me.

Here is a post I made in the walkthrough thread. If you search there for the part in red, posted by a kind fishy, you will understand. The problem is that I had not reason to consult the walkthrough until the very end of the game.

This developer really needs to fix this. I have never been so furious about a game before. I can't believe that in all of life's problems I am as angry as I am, but I just wasted six hours of my rare fun time on this ridiculous piece of programming.

I hope this helps someone.

divegal wrote:
nwl43 wrote:


Warning -- this is a rant, but at the game, certainly not at you helpful fishies. Thank goodness this thread is here so I know what went wrong. It's just crazy that the info wouldn't be in a place I'd see until after I made the fatal flaw!

I have never played an adventure game that would let me forget a spoken tip, wander around, and do something out of order that would make it so I couldn't finish the game. I have some very serious health problems and can't believe that a silly game would get me so incredibly furious in the scheme of things -- but perhaps it is precisely so. I play a game for distraction and stress relief. I play adventure/puzzle games only, and I play them all the way through, and only consult the walkthrough when I get stuck. I can't believe I played six hours over several days having no idea that I would have no way to finish the game and see the cutscene and have the satisfaction of "winning" until I got to the very end and looked here and saw the fatal flaw I walked into early on.

Overall a good game but there is no way I will play it all over again just to finish, now that I completed almost everything else! The characters were annoying enough (Grandma is cold and ungrateful, Hassim is a horrible stereotype) but now that I feel tricked I just wanna break something! Totally outrageous and unforgivable on the part of the developer.

I wrote to CS. I may be one of the few who fell into this trap but I really think the game needs to be made so it can't happen, just like any decent adventure game.

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