Where are the extra oxygen tanks

[Post New]by BayleeMommie on Oct 2, 11 8:17 PM
This is the most boring game I have played from BFG to date and to top it off I cannot find O2. Someone please help me and tell me where to click, etc. Thanks in advance.

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Re:Where are the extra oxygen tanks

[Post New]by puzzledone on Oct 2, 11 9:39 PM
Hi BayleeMommie, I had the same question first time I played. And that was years ago, maybe 5 or 6 when this released as the first BF Hidden Expedition game. I finally found one when I thought it was a bomb or missle LOL. They looked greenish to me, yes, shape of an oxygen tank, not a bomb and not on the lists so I hit one by "mistake".

I think there is one in each location, maybe gives you 2 extra minutes. It's a shame these early HOGs were on timers, it took me maybe a week to get to the end without replaying. Still, a beautiful game, only interesting thing for me was the historical facts or trivia between levels.

Games have evolved so much into more features, complex puzzles, adventure wandering that sometimes I like to open one of these early "classics" that set the stage for future casual game players. I never buy timed games anymore, I want the option, but still like straight HOGs when in a quiet mood.

Sorry you're bored and unhappy with it. Maybe I'm nostalgic because it was this game that brought me to join BFG over 5 yrs ago and still here. I had bought MCF Huntsville from my first game club, cancelled and stayed with BF ever since. Glad Titanic introduced me to at least.

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