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None is Better Than Half a Game

[Post New]by bamlink on Oct 6, 11 6:43 PM
The SE is the CE with the ending chopped off. The SE ends abruptly with no real conclusion to the story. Apparently, the developer was too lazy to make a bonus chapter, but had to offer an SE version of their game, so they mutilated the CE and offered it up at full SE price. Totally unsatisfying.

Skip it unless you're willing to pay double for the CE with the ending. Maybe when the SE comes out as a DD, it will be worth the price as is.

I would be wary of buying any SE from this developer in the future.

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Re:None is Better Than Half a Game

[Post New]by HasNazir on Oct 22, 11 9:14 PM
Your right bamlink, any game that a person plays is playing for a satisfactory ending, if they weren't going to give us one, there wasn't any point in selling the game. The ending is important to any books, dvd's, games that we buy, I feel as it not worth buying the game if the ending is rubbish-there's no point in playing no matter how good the game was made. it feels pointless, worthless. Even if you were to tell your family, friends about it, there not much to say, or for anyone to play as the ending is what we anticipate for any game, its not motivating to play it again either.

So I would not be recommending this game at all.

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