chess board key

[Post New]by unrulygamemad on Oct 7, 11 12:43 PM
I can't find the key. They don't tell you where it is in the guide. Help please!

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Re:chess board key

[Post New]by Trinn_T on Oct 14, 11 9:04 AM
Its a very small silver key hanging to the right of the blue mask, straight above the candle's flame.


Re:chess board key

[Post New]by baytat on Nov 12, 11 7:17 AM
it is not active - how do i go on


The elusive chess board key!

[Post New]by dcurtis1 on Jan 15, 12 5:57 PM
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I have spent an hour looking for the key. Left the area. Came back. Left, came back, etc.. etc. etc. Scoured the walkthrough. Nada. WHEW! Thank you again, Trinn T!


Re:chess board key

[Post New]by mrseari on Jul 30, 14 4:12 AM
Thank you Trimm-t

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