unable to get the icon

[Post New]by patches77j on Jan 9, 09 2:17 PM
Has anyone else have a problem getting the Secret Missions Mata Hari icon to show on DESKTOP SHORT CUTS?? I have tried fixing the problem but has have NO LUCK AT ALL.. I even have uninstall the game manager and reinstall the game by putting check mark to show desktop shortcut, but still can't get this icon to show. Also if i tried to go to the target area, no luck there either instead i get the search page to find the correct file application. IF the only thing to show as far as a shortcut icon is just a check mark and play secret missions with no picture please let me know??????? tech support as yet to answer my question.... helpppppppppp?????


Re:unable to get the icon

[Post New]by 2MuchCoffeeGirl on Apr 28, 09 8:26 PM
No problems here...I have the desktop icon. Try creating your own. The target is "C:\Program Files\Secret Missions - Mata Hari and the Kaiser's Submarines\LaunchGame.bfg" if you're using Vista.

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