Damien is a fly???

[Post New]by BecaJean on Oct 9, 11 4:34 PM
I just finished Magic Encyclopedia - Illusions, and at the end, Catherine says, "Damien is a fly? I don't understand!" or something like that. Unfortunately, my game kind of skipped the reply, so I never found out what was said. Can someone PLEASE help me? I hate to have done the whole game and not found out that last bit of info. :0)


Re:Damien is a fly???

[Post New]by saxxybear on Aug 19, 12 5:31 PM
Did the same thing myself. WIsh I could provide an answer for you. I tried to go back and replay that chapter, but it won't allow me. It's probably not significant, but the curiosity is getting the best of me!

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