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something is wrong

[Post New]by QUZEMOTO on Oct 12, 11 12:40 AM
i got 19 points at the base of the pig and it said he needed 11 snacks and only got 8 and so hungry he ran away. well 11 and 8 equals ? ?? _- ?? let me see - can i borrow some fingers?? oh yeah, gee - 19 exactly the number of snacks i got and was listed at the pig base. so what happened?? it said i did not get enough snacks but i did. good bye piglet charlie - maybe next time?? NOT!!

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Re:something is wrong

[Post New]by autumn_leaf on Oct 16, 11 8:59 PM
The base of the pig is the running total of snacks...not what you need. The box where the cards will laid out tell you what you need in snacks vs. how many you already have. Don't look at the base of the pig....not a concern at all. Just tells you how many snacks the pig has already had.

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