Standard level 61...Please Help!!

[Post New]by akronldy on Oct 14, 11 10:04 AM
I have played this level over and over and can't even come close to getting gold. Is it even possible to get gold on it? if so any tips would really be appreciated!. Thanks so much in advance!!.

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Re:Standard level 61...Please Help!!

[Post New]by unclepaul on Oct 16, 11 12:22 AM
Level 61 - You have 39000 gold,
You need to get 20 honey,5 spears, 5 salt fish, and 10 yak wool.
You can buy salt, corks and lime flowers.
You also get lots and lots of predators - at least 35. So you don't want to have to spend time fighting the predators when you have other things to do. This is where lots of dogs come in and because you cannot see the products with so many dogs you need at least 2-3 squirrels to collect the items.
Also with plenty of predator jewells you can keep buying yaks at 10000 upgrading them with armour and selling them for 20000.

1. Buy 5 boars, set them to clearing the 6 locations. Upgrade the ship to the max and at least 2 upgrades on the storage. Spread hay then at 13 seconds collect 4 predators and their jewells.
2. Send the predators only to market . Build the yak upgrade hut, upgrade it to 2 When you can and buy three yak and start upgrading them.More predators arrive at 33 sec so manually cage them and send to market along with the first armoured yak for 20000.
3. Upgrade the barn to automatic hay delivery . Collect ore carts and when you have about 8 send the boars to market as well as the other two armoured yak. Another 4 predators arrive at 1.01 cage them and collect the jewels.
4. Build the wood maker and when you can upgrade it to 5 . Buy 5 sheep and another 4 yak. Set the sheep to producing at least 35 wood , upgrade the yak and sell them. Upgrade the vehicle to max and buy 5 limeflowers. 5 cork and 8 salt.
5. Build the refinery, sword maker and spear maker and start them operating. (Upgrade each to 2 when you have wood.)
6. When the armoured yak are hanging around they will quickly produce your 10 yak wool 2 at a time. Sell armoured yak and wool to get extra gold. When you get enough gold to get your first mooncow then also get dogs and squirrells to take the strain of collecting products and fighting predators. Each time a set of predators arrives click for an extra set of dogs to maintain their numbers.
From here it is a matter of sell a few more armoured yaks, get more moon cows to 5, upgrade the honey shed to 5 , finish the spears, build the spinnery, net weaver and salt fish factory.
You should not need to upgrade thespinnery,weaver or fish factory so do not really need the stone. I managed in first 7.04 and then when doing again for info on this got 6.34. And that was still innefficient. I reckon could get down to 6.20 easily.


Re:Standard level 61...Please Help!!

[Post New]by akronldy on Oct 16, 11 8:02 AM
Thank You!!!!!!!!

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