Adventure Mode Asgard Levels....I'm stuck

[Post New]by ksinibaldi01 on Oct 14, 11 11:31 AM
I already completed standard mode, but on adventure mode I am totally stuck on

Asgard Level 6, 7 , & 10

I reached silver on 7, but can't even get close to meeting the requirements on 6 & 10.

Anyone have any tricks to these levels....It would work if the darn warehouse was bigger, but I guess that's where the challenge is.

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Re:Adventure Mode Asgard Levels....I'm stuck

[Post New]by unclepaul on Oct 24, 11 8:05 AM
Asgard Level 6
This is fun!!
You start with 250 Gold, 1 Boar, 1 sheep, 1 yak, 1cow, a aquirrel and 1 dog.

You need 30 ore, 30 wool, 30 Yak leather, 30 honey pots.

You can buy wood, stone, corks and limeflowers. ( you really only need to buy the limeflowers. As all the materials can be collected from the field. You do not need to make the honey maker as that uses up $12 000 which is better spent on another yak.
It gets very crowded and hectic and you only have 7 predators arriving about 1.22.
You are continually selling products and buying limeflowers .

1. Upgrade the storage one level. Send the dog and sheep to market to gain another 700 gold. Spread hay, send the vehicle for a limeflower and the boar to the middle right hand to clear the Yak Harness Hut.

2. When the boat returns, upgrade the boat to red sails. By now the squirrel will have stored a honey pot, and a yak leather and you can send these to market for 7000 return. Upgrade the vehicle to the max and send for 5 limeflowers, .

3. Send the next lot of product for another 7000 and 10 (the boar ore) . Buy about 3 boar and 2 sheep and when the boat returns build the yak harness hut.

4. Capture the 7 predators that arrive and make sure you keep their jewells for upgrading yaks. Send the predators and any product to market.

5. Upgrade the hay barn to the max so it auto dispenses hay. Remember to keep sending the vehicle to get limeflowers.

6. Armour the yak, upgrade the boat to max - blue sails, and send as much product to market - shoud get you about 22000 and enough for another cow.

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Re:Adventure Mode Asgard Levels....I'm stuck

[Post New]by unclepaul on Oct 24, 11 8:10 AM
Pt 2
7. By now , (2.13) you should have ore up to about 11 ore, 5 wool , yak leather and 6 honey pots.

8. Buy another yak and armour it (they produce 2 yak leather per cycle.) Keep clearing your warehouse and alternately buy yak and cow. By now with a spare 5000 gold get a couple more squirrels to help collect the products.

9. While the squirrel is good sometimes it can be overwhelmed and so you need to keep clicking on the game field to collect some of the products.

10 By the time I got to 3. 30 I had 3 yak and 3 cows and each trip to market was generating in excess of 20000 gold enough to buy another cow or 2 yak.Buy another 6 or so sheep to finish the wool off.

11 As you reach 30 with a product (I had ore first) sell off that animal and any remaining product to clear the field and the storage shed.

12. By 4 minutes the 5 yak on the field had filled the quota of yak leather so sold off those and got 5 more cows.

13. By 4.35 I had 12 sheep, 9 cows and 5 squirrels and sale of product was generating 50000 at a time and finished at 4.50 as my best time.

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