I found the official webpage for Azada 3 !!!

[Post New]by blueeyedgirl1301 on Oct 15, 11 10:25 PM
Got some good and bad news for all you fellow Azada junkies!!!

The good news is that there definitely WILL be an Azada 3! I was on ERS games website, and they have a page for Azada 3.. coming soon.. here's the link:

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The bad news is this.. although I absolutely love the games made by ERS, the screenshots shown on this link make it look more like any other ERS game (like the Dark Tales and Haunted Halls series) and NOT like the older Azada puzzle games.

I'll still end up trying it out, and I'm sure I'll still be very entertained, but I AM slightly disappointed that it doesn't look like the usual Azada-type games.

Hope this helps and puts to rest some of your questions!


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