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Tips on this game.

[Post New]by autumn_leaf on Oct 16, 11 9:06 PM
The base of the pig is the running total over all the games played for this pig. So don't base what you need on that score.
Try to start out with a ten card on every layout and a different number card with each ten card and try to make sets.
This game only requires you to hit level five in order to keep the pig to start getting the other habitats for the pigs. The first level you need ten, the next fifteen. You build a little community filled with your prize winning pigs. It's adorable to see the little pigs running around, ect.
You can keep going up in levels. I think I have gotten my pigs up to red ribbon stage, but I am not sure what the color levels are . so far white, green, yellow, red...(not necessarily in that order)....i haven't got a blue ribbon pig....or even found the end of how many levels it will go.....

But it's a fun time killer. And if you play your cards right....(pun absolutely intended)
You can progress to however many pigs you need in five levels. So quite an addictive game and definately worth a punch card code. You may have to turn off the sound after awhile, while cute, it quickly becomes annoying to hear the same carny sounds after awhile.

Hope this helps....enjoy

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