Jotunheim 7

[Post New]by SeaSideAngel on Oct 17, 11 12:06 AM
Hi All! Does anyone have a suggestion as to how o achieve Gold on Jotunheim Level 7. Have managed o get gold on all the levels up to this one. But no matter what I try I can only get silver on this one.

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Re:Jotunheim 7

[Post New]by unclepaul on Oct 20, 11 6:54 AM
Jotemheim Level 7
You start with 9000 gold, and 2 sheep and 6 min of play for gold.
You need 4 Flying Machines, 6 horseshoes, and 8 steel Armour. You can buy Blue Ice.

1. Immediately send the sheep to market for the extra 1000 that will get you a yak.
2. Spread the hay and then capture the 3 predators (19 Sec) while you wait the return of the boat. The predators should fit 2 in storage and have 1 locked when the boat arrives.
3. Buy the yak and sell the two predators and store the other one. This will provide hay money and enough to purchase 1 boar.
4 Send the other predator and predator caps off to market and collect ore and yak wool and process into Yak leather and ingots.
5. With the first ingot make 1 steel armour and sell immediately for 5000 gold and you are on your way.
6 With return of boat upgrade it to red sails and the store house once.
7. Purchase 4 more boar for total of 5 and start making ingots to at least 15 then sell the boars.
8 Sell the Steel armour when you can and at 12000 buy a blue horse. when you have the last steel armour processing sell the yak and then after the armour is out convert to the flying machine factory. Send the vehicle regularly to purchase 5 blue ice to keep the horses fed.
9. Buy a second blue horse , convert the foundry to a wood manufacturer upgrade it and buy a couple of sheep and produce wood.
10 At this stage you should have enough to get 3 blue horses and make the 6 gold horse shoes easily and the 4 flying machines.

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