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Landgrabbers 2

[Post New]by Prttyysadms on Oct 17, 11 5:33 AM
Will there be a Landgrabbers 2 anytime soon?


Re:Landgrabbers 2

[Post New]by johnsonfamnyc on Oct 28, 11 6:40 PM
That would be AWESOME!!!! *fingers crossed*


Re:Landgrabbers 2

[Post New]by PaulandMatt on Nov 22, 11 7:10 AM
This would be great! Closest thing to Risk.


Re:Landgrabbers 2

[Post New]by openbanana on Nov 22, 11 7:00 PM
It would definitely be great to have the second installment of Landgrabber but I am still stuck at General mode for Iceberg 1, Lava 5 and 6. Just can't figure out how to beat the General's time...sigh...

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Re:Landgrabbers 2

[Post New]by EHinSF on Dec 12, 11 9:53 PM
I'm stuck at Desert there a way to skip a level and move onto the next level?

I'd look forward to a sequel although the current game makes for good replay.


Re:Landgrabbers 2

[Post New]by johnsonfamnyc on Jan 5, 12 8:49 PM
I would LOVE a Landgrabbers 2 as well!! I was crazy addicted to this game.

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Re:Landgrabbers 2

[Post New]by g_abriele on Mar 19, 12 11:32 PM
Yeah ... that'll be really great ...

I know only have a few levels in 3-star-modus to solve - and I try and I try and are going to be tired of the same pic all the time.

A completely new game with fresh levels ... that would be supergreat ... cause I love the game itself.


How to skip levels in Landgrabbers

[Post New]by Lord_Vaughan on Apr 3, 12 3:28 PM
Step 1. Load a game.
Step 2. Click the "Menu" button in the upper, lefthand corner of the screen, or hit the [Escape] button on your keyboard; a menu should appear.
Step 3. Click on the "Map" button on the menu; a map of the current region should appear.
Step 4. Click on an icon representing the level you'd like to play; it should load.
Step 5. If you'd like to play a level in a different region, click on the candle's flame after clicking on the "Map" button; a map of the various regions should appear.
Step 6. Click on the region you'd like to play a level in; the map of that region should appear.
Step 7. (See Step 5, above.)


Re:Landgrabbers 2

[Post New]by Shadesi on May 27, 12 11:53 AM
I am dying for some new levels to play. Have mastered this over and over again on all levels for all trophies.

Best advice to those of you who are stuck is either to look up a walkthrough, or just try and endless barrage of sending troops - dont wait for them to build up.

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