level 84

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can anyone help me with level 84

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Re:level 84

[Post New]by unclepaul on Oct 17, 11 11:26 PM
Level 84 Standard.
You start with 10000 gold and 1 boar.
You need to get6 armour, 4 steel, 2 thread, and 8 wood. You have 4 min 20 seconds and you can only buy stone using the vehicle. (which is really not needed)

1. Buy a yak and as soon as the first yak wool appears send to market to get 1000 gold. Spread hay to keep the Yak and boar fed and collect any other product.

2. Upgrade ship to red sails and storage once.
3. As each yak wool appears process it to yak leather and then process that to leather armour.
4. Keep doing this til you have 5 and send the next yak wool to market and wait the 6th wool and process that by which time the ship should be back and you have 1000 gold on hand.
5 As soon as the 6 th Yak leather appears change to the foundry and start processing the ore to get eventually 6 ingots . Send your yak to market to pick up another 5000 gold. Buy 2 sheep.
6. As each ingot appears process a leather armour into a steel armour. Send to market to pick up 5000 for each steel armour. When the 6th yak leather has been processed to leather armour change to the Spinnery , and process the wool.
7. When the 6th Leather armour has been processed to steel armour change to the woodmaker and upgrade quickly to level 5 and buy 3 more sheep. Use the sheep to make the 8 wood and you are finished. I managed 5.05 and 5.00

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