Chapter 7

[Post New]by tomlube on Oct 18, 11 6:06 PM
I can't get to the town ruins. I get being sent back to the bedroom to start the process all over again (I've done this over 7 times). When I get to the shack and go left - it has a prompt to go to the dark road. I try using the instructions of LRLLR with no luck. Please help

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Re:Chapter 7

[Post New]by unknitter on Nov 13, 11 7:57 PM
I have a similar problem, but I did get to the town once following the old lady's directions. I got stuck there so I checked the walkthrough and found that I hadn't done a hidden object scene in the kitchen. I went back to do that and now I can't get back to town.

It might help you to check the walkthrough to see if you've done things in the right order. That always seems to be my problem and it makes things very confusing.

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