A Wonderful Uplifting Game!

[Post New]by Kimsie1 on Oct 20, 11 3:06 AM
I feel compelled to make my first post about "Secret Diaries:Florence Ashford."
What a game! I played it straight through til the end. I am usually a TM gamer or
Match 3, but lately I have switched to Hidden Object. I have limited patience, so
those types of games can aggravate me but WOW! I loved this game. It had
romance, intrigue, absolutely beautiful graphics--I could go on and on. The
difficulty level may not satisfy more seasoned gamers, but for those who don't
mind some guidance along the way, try this game. It definitely is not a typical
Hidden Object. You spend most of your time trying to find items or do tasks that
directly relate to moving the story along, which I really liked. The ending is very
satisfying--No spoiler here, but as soon as the game was over, I missed the
characters. Sounds silly, but hey, it's the truth. I am brand new to the pond as
far as reviews, and even after playing for hours, I wanted this to be my 1st post.
I will say, the game is not very long by some standards, but I will say that the
stunning graphics & storyline were worth it to me. I got it for the deal of the
day which is great, but I would have easily paid 6.99 for the game. I am happy
to have it as one of my games and I hope you all may give it a try. Goodnight
Fishies--oops I should say Good Morning--It's 6:15am!

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