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Welcome to Bali Quest forum

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Oct 21, 11 12:05 AM
Welcome to Bali Quest forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Bali Quest players.

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Re:Welcome to Bali Quest forum

[Post New]by Daiseylu on Dec 10, 11 9:11 PM
I am pretty decent on games, but I am stuck on level 2- 8 I mean like for days, that I am getting bored, I cannot finish the game, which leads me to think there is possibly some type of help I should be getting, but I don't know how to get it..I went to the help section many times, I have put the 4 greens together, and get the wind power, but that is all, I can not get beyond it, please, any help???

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Re:Welcome to Bali Quest forum

[Post New]by Godra25 on Dec 16, 11 4:17 AM
- before the time reaches half way, do not use wind power to suck the obstacles. use it to suck Marbles (other than green, of course)

- make the match as much as possible, ignore the obstacles (before the time reaches half way)

- try to focus on one side of the board. after one side has been cleaned up, suck obstacles and make continuous match on the side that has the net before, so all the new obstacles enter into that side.

- then, clean the other side of board.

do not buy wind power, until you feel you really need it

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Re:Welcome to Bali Quest forum

[Post New]by care___916 on Feb 23, 12 10:04 AM
Has anyone gotten past the monkey when you have to dig under him???

I have been stuck there forever. I dont understand the play.



Re:Welcome to Bali Quest forum

[Post New]by baewards on Apr 15, 12 4:21 PM
I'm stuck on the monkey also. Did you ever figure it out? I don't see any other posts about it except yours

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