Is there an untimed mode, I might have missed?

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Oct 21, 11 8:21 AM
I really like this M3, love that you can make matches, while the tiles are still falling.
Also, I liked the wind power-up, didn't get to the rest of the power-ups, during the demo time, but I did see four more spaces empty beside the power-up that I got, that you will recieve, once you get further into the levels, so there are power-ups.
Just trying to make matches, to unfreeze the frozen tiles, while making matches with four or more green tiles, to charge the wind power-up, so you can remove the water drops also, that block your moves, makes it a challenge and also very FUN, just MHO of course, but plenty to do while trying to clear each board.
My question is, did anyone see an untimed mode, that I might have missed, all I found was an easy and normal mode, and the easy was timed?
I am hoping maybe I missed something, because besides the issue with being timed, I REALLY liked this M3 .
Any help would be greatly appreciated...THANKS .

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Re:Is there an untimed mode, I might have missed?

[Post New]by kdubs on Oct 21, 11 1:21 PM
Like you I looked for an Untimed mode, but no luck.

However, the Easy mode, according to the built-in Help Section says that the timer is more generous and that players may purchase as many Powerups as they can afford to purchase. In Normal, the timer is less forgiving and Players are limited as to the number of Powerups they may purchase.

I played in Easy for the full hour trial and never came close to timing out, but as we know it always gets tougher as the game progresses. Wonder why devs can't just give an Untimed option. I bet they would sell more games if they did.

Speaking of which: Cradle of Egypt is out on dev site and it has an Untimed mode! I did a Beta on it a few months back and can't hardly wait til it gets here.


Re:Is there an untimed mode, I might have missed?

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Oct 22, 11 1:35 PM
Thanks Kdubs
Thank you for letting me know the timer is more generous, in easy mode, very helpful.
Like you I also played the demo in easy, and never came close to the timer timing out, but I am affraid that as the levels get more difficult, this will change.
I also agree with you about the developers, adding an untimed mode, I think they would sell so many more games, with this option.
I just don't understand it, because so many other developers give us this option, you would think by now, they would realize this is what the customers want, and that way, EVERYONE is happy, which = more game sales.
I have been burned by more than one M3, were it gets to hard, and I am stuck, after a while, I finally give up, and end up never playing the game again, waste of money IMHO.
But I also didn't know that you could buy power-ups, in this game, so maybe that will help, when it gets harder, still undecided.
Thanks for the information though Kdubs, much appreciated, and please let me know,if you decide to buy this game, how it works out for you .

OH almost forgot, thanks also for letting me know about the new, Cradle of Egypt game, sure hope BF gets this one SOON :-)

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Re:Is there an untimed mode, I might have missed?

[Post New]by Godra25 on Oct 28, 11 11:10 AM
Yes it is true there is no Untimed mode. but at higher levels, you will get the power of the Water element, which can be used to increase the time. It would be helpful for you to finish this game.

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