Level 9 Standard

[Post New]by angyeag on Oct 21, 11 1:43 PM
I can't seem to get through Level 9 in time. Has anyone had any luck with this?

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Re:Level 9 Standard

[Post New]by unclepaul on Oct 24, 11 6:42 AM
Level 9 Standard.You have 500 Gold and 10 boars.
You need to get 6 spears and 25 ore and you can buy steel.
You get 4 predators at 2.00 and another 3 at 2.15 .

1. Sell 8 boars and spread some hay and collect 2 ore to buy the next round of hay.

2. When the boat returns send the last two boar and 2 ore to market.

3. When boat returns buy a sheep and collect 2 wool and send them to market for 300 gold.
Predators will soon arrive and you can capture some of these and if the boat arrives early enough upgrade storage once.

4. Collect more wool and send wool first and then predators and lastly helmets to market . This should generate 500 gold to build the wood making factory and send the sheep there (after collecting another wool ) to make wood. Keep it making wood to get to 6.

5. Send the vehicle to purchase steel and convert that into swords and then use wood to make the spears and send 2 to market for another 600 Gold which is enough to purchase the remaining steel needed to make the total of 6 spears.
6. Sell those and the sheep and buy about 8 boar and keep them fed and collect the 25 ore and you can finish in less than 8 minutes.

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