help getting gold on standard level 64

[Post New]by Geena123 on Oct 24, 11 4:05 PM
They were all pretty easy until I got to this one. I cant get gold on it.


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Re:help getting gold on standard level 64

[Post New]by unclepaul on Oct 24, 11 10:29 PM
Viking Heroes Standard Level 64.

You start with 40 Gold and 4 armoured boars.
You need to get 4 wood and 4 spears in 2.10 and you can buy wood and swords.

1. Sell all four boars and while you wait for the boat to return with the 800 gold prepare for the 5 predators that arrive at 10-12 sec, Each of the red things are worth 100 and the actual predator 80 . You do not need to cage all the predators at the same time. Time it for just when the boat is 3/4 back. and wait for them to spread out so you can pick them off without filling your storage. Cage 4 and see if you can store and send the red things rather than the actual predator.

2. Send the vehicle to get 2 swords (400) and 4 wood (400). Make sure you have space to collect these in your storage shed. When the boat is almost returned cage and send remainder of red things and any predators and collect swords and wood and make your two spears .

3. Collect the two spears and send the vehicle for another two swords (4 red things = 400) and when it returns make your last two spears and collect. I managed 1.19


Re:help getting gold on standard level 64

[Post New]by Geena123 on Oct 25, 11 10:04 PM
Thanks alot got it the first time. I dunno why I couldnt figure that one out.

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