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Unused items? Unresolved questions?

[Post New]by Firefox7 on Oct 25, 11 2:36 AM
I'm confused.... (not too difficult, but...)

I've finished the game BUT....

There were still a lot of items that I hadn't found - I had the empty shells in my inventory.

There seemed to be an awful lot of unanswered questions - what was with all the "?" everywhere - I thought there would be resolutions to these?

I am *positive* I was supposed to feed the cat in Charlie's house for example - but never found any cat food? The rods in the dock house - what's with those? You click on them and get a comment but then there is nothing to do with them?

It was as if the game finished half way through.... I would much rather not be able to finish a game until I have all the items, have solved all the puzzles and answered all the questions, than finish it like this!

On the plus side, nice to play something not full of skeletons and dark corners, lovely graphics, nice music and interesting puzzles - but very frustrating to finish in such a way.

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