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The Longest Game Ever!!!

[Post New]by limey_scale on Oct 26, 11 3:29 AM
I purchased this game on 22nd Jan 2011 and finally found the patience to finish it today (26th Oct 11) - is this a record? There were so many glitches, I had to restart 3 times (every time I had reached Cairo) and it wouldn't even load a previous saved game area! In the end, I had the walkthrough by my side, to guide me through the rest of the game. I am now looking forward to uninstalling it forever on my computer - never to return

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Re:The Longest Game Ever!!!

[Post New]by luvtoread on Oct 30, 11 9:33 AM
If you ever reinstall it, you'll enjoy it better as they took out the
glitches in May. I too, gave up because of the glitches, but
am now totally enjoying this glitch free version.
Hope someday you'll give it another try...

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