[Post New]by pinecones on Jan 11, 09 6:24 AM
I have recently started playing this game. I enjoy having my brain tested, but this is impossible. How can I stop my capsule from crashing onto the moon?!

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[Post New]by prpldva on Jan 11, 09 6:32 AM
Hi Pinecones- welcome to the forums!

You need to install the blue and red retrorocket and get rid of everything including the two bodies. Out the port hole with it all- you will re-find the items that you need on the surface



[Post New]by pinecones on Jan 12, 09 7:22 AM
Thanks for that. I will have another go. I have managed to get the bodies out and install the retrorockets but he wouldn't let me get rid of some of the items. Fingers crossed.

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[Post New]by bfgAegean on Jan 12, 09 9:08 AM
Hello everyone! I just thought I’d pop in and let you know that I’ve gone ahead and moved this discussion to the forum that we have set up for Deep Voyage.

Happy gaming!



[Post New]by pinecones on Jan 12, 09 9:18 AM
no luck, have thrown out everything that it allows me too, cant get hold of the rooster to do anything with that.
totally stuck now!!
crash every time
have i missed something???



[Post New]by lonniec on Jan 10, 10 1:59 PM
Have gotten rid of all 4 porthole covers,the 2 bodies, rifle, large can and funnel the potted plant? If so you will be able to land.Hope this helps.LC

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