London week 10

[Post New]by Celicagamer on Oct 29, 11 5:07 AM
OMG i have layed this lvl about 12 times and cant get better than sliver. is there a trick to this? ive gotten 4415 4425 and i need 4450 for gold star...GAH

none of my models leave they dont even get below 5 hearts. this is driving me crazy.

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Re:London week 10

[Post New]by goeash on Oct 29, 11 5:17 AM
I could only get silver too!


Re:London week 10

[Post New]by agungwijaya on Oct 29, 11 7:49 AM
have you tried these
1. Make as many combos as possible, by arranging models in such way so that you can perform makeup several times in a row, then dressup and so on. The more combos the higher bonus you'll get.

2. Queue as many models as possible for the runway, then send them and activate the advanced spotlights immediately. This will add an additional performing star to all models.


Re:London week 10

[Post New]by Celicagamer on Oct 29, 11 9:26 AM
yeah i FINALLY got it!! i WAS doing all of that and i had bought EVERYTHING in the shop before i got it....thats how many times i tried LOL!

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