Vanaheimr 9 adventure

[Post New]by jms1221 on Oct 30, 11 7:22 AM
I have gotten gold easily up to this one and I can't get anywhere close on it. Please help!!!!

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Re:Vanaheimr 9 adventure

[Post New]by unclepaul on Nov 1, 11 12:49 PM
Vanaheim Level 9 .
You start with 3000 gold, and 3 Fire Horses.
You have 3.50 min to get 8 Armoured sheep, 16 rockets, 2 salted Fish and 4 Fire Horses.

1. Upgrade boat to red sails, upgrade storage once, send the vehicle to get 5 flaming chestnuts and 4 rosin pots. Buy a sheep and start it making 1 stone twice and keep it doing that to generate a total of 4 stone.
2. When you have the pots and 2 stone start making rockets and sell the first two as soon as you can. Capture the 4 predators and medals that arrive at 31 sec , sell the predators but keep the medals as you will need them to make the armoured sheep.
3. The sale of the rockets will generate at least 12000, Upgrade the vehicle to 1 ram, the storage to max, the ship to blue sails, buy 4 more sheep and start the spinnery when you have at least two wool. Send the vehicle for more flaming chestnuts and rosin and at least 2 salt.
4. Use the 5 sheep to generate 5 stone at a time but allow them to stay on the field long enough to get at least two wool. Upgrade the rocket maker to make 3 at a time and sell the 3 rockets to generate 18000 and buy your 4th Fire Horse.
at 1.31-1.39 another 5 predators arrive, Cage and sell them - you should now have 9 medals.
5. Once you have at least 3 thread build the fishery and upgrade once to generate 2 fish, and then quickly make the 2 salted fish.
5. When the rocket maker reaches the target sell all the fire horses ( 28000), convert to the harness maker, upgrade to 5 and start harnessing your first 5 sheep and buy your next 5 and then harness them to get gold. I managed 3.37


Re:Vanaheimr 9 adventure

[Post New]by jms1221 on Nov 5, 11 9:18 AM
Thank you UnclePaul

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