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Freeze and had to shut down

[Post New]by jennsmom on Oct 30, 11 8:26 AM
I wasn't going to purchase this game because I had a problem during the demo with the game freezing and not even being able to CAD to get out of it. I had to turn off my computer -- not the best thing for the computer. Then, after reading reviews and the technical thread, I thought my problem must have been a fluke, so I bought the game. I've been playing it, but now, right after I found Gloria, the same thing happened. I'm rather hesitant about going back to try to finish the game. I am not at all a happy fish.

Edit after finishing the game: Obviously, I decided to try to finish, and did. However, when I tried to back out of the credits, it happened again, and I again had to turn off my computer. The game is now deleted and I'm sorry I purchased it. Needless to say, I won't be playing it a second time.

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Re:Freeze and had to shut down

[Post New]by thecaptain777 on Oct 30, 11 6:06 PM
Computer freezing seems to be rather common with this game. My computer keeps freezing every twenty minutes of the game. No word yet from my email to the tech experts.

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