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Lavender's Botanicals

[Post New]by ggxgp on Oct 31, 11 7:44 PM
This looks like the type of game that I really enjoy.
Does anyone know if the tech issues "bugs" have been resolved?

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Re:Lavender's Botanicals

[Post New]by judyjo22 on Oct 22, 12 12:54 AM
Hi Ya'll,, well here I am again.. Still having more trouble trying to play another game. I am on the very first thingy where you have to make "30" lotions and give to Aunty.. I have made 30,, 29,, 34,, 31,, 35 , ect. you got the idea,, But no 30.... I have played this darn thing 120 times but can not get just 30.. I know I'm just doing something really STUPID but for the life of me (and my sanity sp?) I just can't get it right!!! PLEASE HELP me someone... Also I don't think I know which keys or buttons to push to get an answer,, HA HA HA IN other wprds HELP HELP i GUESS ITS TIME TO CALL THAT CHAT PERSON huh... Well Thanks for listening anyway.. I kind of wish this was **** shhhh at least there u can talk to people right in the room with you.. Well if I still have my BFG tomorrow maybe I can still get an answer to my ??. BY FOR NOW THANKS ANYWAY

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