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Had to give up

[Post New]by CasualGran on Nov 2, 11 5:32 AM
Really, I've been trying to play this game. I bought it without trying, thinking it was like the first game but... it's not. It's much more difficult. Objects are harder to find, and you get punished very quickly and in a (to me) annoying way. Then there are those riddles to solve. Really harder than the ones in the first game. But what did it for me were the minigames. Man, I just couldn't finish the Curse Breaker shooting game. I tried and tried and tried... and got tired of it.

Deleted the game unfinished. Bye bye fun and money...

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Re:Had to give up

[Post New]by sheepgirl on Mar 1, 13 8:24 AM
Hi Casualgran......I googled for a walkthrough. It certainly helps!

This should help you!

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