Lost Brush in Blue Duck HOS

[Post New]by Hamish_MacEwan on Nov 3, 11 11:19 PM
While I was failing to work out (as usual) whether the action occurred at the tip of the brush or the tip of the cursor arrow by clicking in a number of locations, none of which worked, the developers felt penalising their customer was a good idea.

After a number of pleasing flashes and a glowering cursor the paint brush was snatched from me a appears next to the pot of blue paint, but cannot be picked up.

Chastened by the punishment meted out I'm leery of attempting to pick it up too many times, not that "too many" is defined anywhere. Good strategy that, very helpful.

Any ideas on how to proceed, or do I just sit in a corner until the developers' notion of sufficient punishment has been fulfilled?

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