Problem with the game

[Post New]by elmiss on Nov 5, 11 5:57 AM

I bought Heroes of Hellas from I download it (from a mediaplex link) but it seems that it doesn't work on my computer, when I double click on the Heroes of Hellas icon....Nothing happens.

I have windows 7, but I saw on the forum that users say it works fine in windows 7.

Where's the problem? Can you help me? I really love this game and I paid for it...

Edit: It seems that while I was downloading, there was no window asking me for the 20 character game code. I'm now trying to reinstall it, but what to do if it doesn't ask me anyway?

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Re:Problem with the game

[Post New]by cstdenis on Nov 25, 11 3:58 PM
Since you didn't purchase it here, you cannot get help from BFG customer service. I suggest you go to tech support at the site you purchased it from and ask them for help installing it.


Re:Problem with the game

[Post New]by trohear4 on Jan 11, 12 10:27 AM
try downloading from google chrome i did on windows 7 and it played ok unfortunately it is quite slow

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