I completed the game, and you can too!

[Post New]by cricket_canyon on Nov 5, 11 9:24 PM
What really helped was watching the you tube demo for the final season - what I learned. DON'T hire the make-up and hair people, you'll need the points from color matching and chaining at those stations. From the start of every level, fill as many script requests as you can, and match the colors (it helps to buy the Bernie bonus, get him to crank those scrips out pronto!) - then fill the make up chairs, but BEFORE you put on the make up, fill the empty actor waiting chairs with actors and give them scripts...make that chain longer giving out scripts from the beginning till you have more to give out. Make sure you do tasks together (for instance, scenery, make up, costumes, hair) as you need the chaining. Do the iced tea and critic burgers in between "chain" tasks as mentioned above. Fans also do not interrupt the chaining, go ahead and place them. I hired the burger guy and it didn't hurt the score, but remember that burger guy won't deliver to the "star" or the critics or the cameraman. In the long run, it didn't cause much trouble not to satisfy all the judges. And some you can't satisfy at all, for instance they may say you didn't win enough mini games ( the make up and costume matching) - but often some levels don't have enough mini games to even qualify you for the so-called bonus. AS FOR THE MASK piece of scenery, it's difficult to place unless ALL ACTORS ARE HAPPY, all critics fed, etc. no steaming stars or requests for onions, this ALL has to be done before that pesky mask will go into place. Don't forget letting the camera man do "repairs" adds to your score. When I was stuck on the 3rd to last level on the last season, I went back as a new player, and started a whole new game, minding these tips. By the time I got to the troublesome episodes that had eluded me before, I was making great scores. one more thing as for upgrades, I started from the right (make up) and worked my way counter clockwise for each station. Hiring the chef and Bernie as mentioned previously helped a lot. even tho you don't get the judge star for not using help - I still made bonus scores on most levels. Just don't hire the make up and hair assistants, you'll never get enough chaining points to make the goal. I'll keep checking back to the boards here if anybody has questions. I know it gets frustrating, but don't give up. Now, if I could just get a "system for" the Cooking Dash Thrills and Spills last level, I'd sleep better at night. Good luck everyone!

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Re:I completed the game, and you can too!

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