Question London week 2

[Post New]by juliecarlson31 on Nov 6, 11 12:12 PM
How do you score expert on London Week 2 I am only able to score 3700 points I must be missing something?

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Re:Question London week 2

[Post New]by hpottermad on Nov 17, 11 4:26 AM
I struggled on this level as well took me over 8 goes, the next few levels after I passed first go. If you fail your stars still get added up so I suspect you've not get everything upgraded that you need.
I had the spotlights upgraded to the full. Have the two helpers, the 'drinks' you can give to make them more patient, and then click to refill.

Chaining is the best way to rack up the points, so send as many to the beauty section with the beautician helping before the next dressing room section.

Get as many models as possible stacked up ready for the runway even if there is no room for them leave them on their stations waiting, and then press the button for the spotlights and send to the stage, now rather than go to the beauty section again, if a model has been waiting for the accessories station on was full send her there as whilst everyone is going through the model stage she will be done, earning more chains as well.

So basically just get as many models chained for the runway and use the spotlight when there are loads of them,
That worked for me. good luck.

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