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hidden obgect game

[Post New]by dowsby on Nov 7, 11 5:42 AM
please help i click on th P in the hidden object game in the tomb and nothing happens any help would be very helpful thank you.

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Re:hidden obgect game

[Post New]by SeaBamboo on Nov 7, 11 6:00 AM
lulu2000 posted the following solution, hope it works for you

First you have to light the candle , burn the web and then click on letter P .

I just played the H0 scene with the letter P and had no problem picking it up. (Lighting the candle is in the next H0 scene)

Have you tried uninstalling the game & reinstalling to see if that helps: I had to do that & found that I did not lose my progress

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Re:hidden obgect game

[Post New]by Rhonda523 on Nov 11, 11 9:25 PM
Light the candle, burn the web in the upper left corner of the crypt, click on the acorn, then click on the P

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