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Phantasia II - Released on August 28, 2007

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jun 18, 08 5:53 PM
The cruel wizard used all his power and imprisoned all of the dwarves from a wonderfull forest called Phantasia, in his strange tower in the abandoned mountains. You are the only one who can rescue all of the dwarves from the wizard's tower. Three unique game modes classic, arkanoid and bust-a-move. The modes are so different that actually these are 3 different games altogether and three times as much of fun in one game. Each level is specific and you have to change your tactics often.

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Re:Phantasia II - Released on August 28, 2007

[Post New]by dancebear on Sep 25, 10 10:07 AM
Good breakout type game especially in arcade mode. It may get a little busy at times and there are some very annoying technical glitches like 'losing a ball' when there are multiple balls in play and once a break would not go away even when hit multiple time but the game was still lost when it reached the bottom. This game should have been tested better before being released.

Despite the glitches which don't happen enough to be that irritating I think this is one of the better designed and innovative break-out games.

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